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Holistic hospitality centers operations on individual and collective well-being through the management of the user experience. We align strategic business objectives with creative solutions and operations to achieve financial returns.

“Hotels and resorts owners, investors and managers who are CONSCIOUS and PURPOSEFUL in making an impact will resonate with our holistic hospitality approach to wellness. Returns on investment will not be confined to the financial, but also encompass improvements in the long-term well-being of guests, staff, the community and the environment. Our team takes a value-oriented approach in formulating creative, effective solutions and offerings.”

-Trang, Business Development Director & Partner



Purpose-driven wellness development involves the in-depth design and programming of transformative experiences. This is led by wellness wisdom by tapping into our network of skilled health and wellness practitioners.

“We aim to transcend the normal spa and resort experience with our wellness ecosystem in projects, by integrating the consciousness of the place, staff, clients and even the world. We are able to tap into the energy of the concept, create tools and practices through our visionary programs that meet the future needs of guests,  and activate real, lasting change."

Emilie, Group Wellness Director & Partner


Sustainable wellbeing is inherently tied to the wellbeing of our environment.  Our approach includes custom sustainability programs. We commit to meaningful action, creating an impact within each project.



Sustainable living is tied to the well-being of our environment.  Our approach includes custom sustainability programs. We commit to meaningful action, creating an impact within each project.

“A sustainable lifestyle allows us to balance our needs with those of the wider environment. Establishing practices today can enrich our lives and those of the next generation. In each project we raise awareness not only for guests but within local communities, to encourage these practices in daily life. We trust that together, we will make a valuable impact on the world. As the Vietnamese proverb goes, “Góp gió thành bão” means ‘Collect winds to create a storm". 


Hong - Business & HR Manager



Creative direction embraces the concept that ideas are the future value of a project. Creative direction includes branding, interior design, and any visual detail representing our story and ethos.

“We craft a unique story with each project, and combine the wellness experience with the design, spaces, colors, textile, branding and more. Our creative studio offers a different approach that empowers the creative process. Connected to intuition, our design approach is in osmosis with the wellness team for truly holistic outcomes."

Florence - Creative Director & Partner



We encourage and support ongoing personal and professional growth. Together, we step into our collective power through access to workplace wellness programs, shared educational resources, skilled practitioners, coaches and more.

“Our team lives and breathes wellness.  We focus on bringing this philosophy to projects by empowering the people that make the place, and providing tools and training to embody wellness concepts so that they naturally inspire transformation.  At the heart of it, is our deep care for people, and our passion that for each individual to reaches their human potential in life”.

Michelle - CEO & Founding Partner



Food medicine focuses on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for our individual and planetary well-being. Food philosophies and nutritional education are integrated into our projects to nourish the mind, body and soul.

"Our approach  focuses on the benefits of increasing plant-based foods into guests' daily experience, while raising their awareness of  healthy food pairings for better digestion, intermittent fasting, detoxification, gut health, and herbs as supplements.At the same time, we ensure meals are delicious, creative and provide guests with the freedom they desire." 

Aaran - Innovation Director & Founding Partner



We consider wellness as a platform for change.  Each shared message has the potential to educate, inform and create meaningful impact. Sales, marketing and communications content are purposefully developed.

"Our conscious communications strategies achieve success through authentic relationships with key media, influencers and thought leaders in the wellness space. Our approach leverages well-being as a catalyst for change, through forward-thinking campaigns that inspire, educate and create impact, while delivering brand recognition and ROI."

Stephanie - Communications Director & Partner

Our Wellness Ecosystem

We co-create a bespoke wellness ecosystem that ensures each project thrives.  We use a design-thinking approach that targets our key touch points as such;

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