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As artificial intelligence tools are on the rise, they raise opposing perspectives on their impact on humanity. Many are excited by the new tools and resources and what the future holds if they are used for the greater good. Others are fearful about the control and impact of unseen forces that are not regulated. But what does this mean in terms of shaping future wellness trends?

Human Intelligence

Our intelligence has created tools that are now beyond our own intelligence. In an era where we have lived mainly in the thinking space, is it a surprise that mental well-being is at the forefront of human needs and shaping wellness trends today? But did leading from our heads get us to this place of being dispensable, where our intelligence will not be valued as before? Or, is it a gift that provides us the platform and space to elevate to a more humane era?

Human Intuition

With many AI tools taking over the fundamental human intelligence groundwork and doing it better than we do, we will be challenged to elevate and bring new values to the table. Mastering our sentient selves to bring authenticity and unique energy into everything we do will become key. This is a particularly exciting time for spas, wellness, and hospitality, where people remain the core of the business and will bring this new dimension of personal growth to the business.

From a wellness trends perspective, what can we offer to support building the tools needed for more emotional and energetic intelligence to balance what is rising in human and artificial intelligence? What practices help us to align fully with our authenticity, improve our sensing, and allow our full, unique selves to show up in the world? Anything less could potentially be computer-generated!

These faculties, which are fully human, are our future's extreme values. What can we do to prepare our own beings, our teams, and our services to meet the needs of future guests looking to achieve this for themselves? How do we cultivate our individuality and human-ness to their full potential?

A deep understanding is required that we are human beings with big hearts and a unique energetic signature, and that we can use embodied sensing and intuition as new tools to navigate the future.

Could this be the next paradigm shift in well-being—the art of mastering what sets us part from AI?

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