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  • Stephanie Shiu

TIA Wellness Resort Nominated in Destination Deluxe 2021 Awards

We are delighted to announce that the TIA Wellness Resort project was nominated in three categories in this year’s Destination Deluxe Awards. Honoring leaders and pioneers in wellness and travel, the awards are judged by 18 respected industry experts. Quality, transparency and originality are fundamental in the judging of the prestigious awards, which recognize changemakers who innovate in their respective fields.

TIA Wellness Resort was nominated in the following three categories:

New Spa of Year

Wellness Programme of the Year

Wellness Cuisine of the Year


TIA’s Wellness Inclusive redefines the spa experience by integrating holistic well-being into each stay through treatments, education and wellness activities designed to elevate creativity and a sense of life purpose. For guests who wish to dive deeper into self-discovery and expression, the Retreat Inclusive program has been thoughtfully crafted for guests to enhance inner stillness and brave creative expression based on key pillars of truth, inspiration and conscious action.

Our Director of Innovation & Founding Partner Aaran Sohl says that creativity was an essential part of TIA’s wellness program, which he created together with the A Luminary Life team. He says, “Creativity is the key that unlocks the gates of purpose, meaning and energized motivation. Each individual is unique and we designed TIA programs to help people tune into that special expression. They are holistic in the way they address the intellectual, emotional, energetic bodies, as well as the physical. Helping people reconnect to their core creative purpose is our passion for living — our way of making the world a happier place to live in.”

We are so proud of the TIA team, led by Ramon Imper, General Manager and excited for the results which will be announced on October 27, 2021.


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