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  • Michelle Ford

Trends are HUMAN

I often get asked about the latest wellness trends. As much as I love being in-the-know when it comes to trends in the industry and exploring them for inspiration, I think we need to remind ourselves that what shapes the trend is more important than the trend itself. To understand today's trends, consider: What is the shift in human behaviour driving this significant movement towards wellness? What human need in particular causes the impact in one area of growth? Or even further, can we see these needs being solved by the current trends, or is it a plaster for the wound and not an actual healing of the core need? To understand what shapes future trends, what do you sense in yourself, your friends, and your community today? The microcosm is likely a reflection of the macrocosm. What is the root cause, and what do you sense people are yearning for? Look, listen, and feel. A deep understanding of our human ways of being and exploring ways to tackle this is where the future trend lies. Even more challenging, what is needed to change systemically? Without changing the systems, we continue to perpetuate the need and feed it with trends. For Luminary Wellness, these systemic changes are where our purpose lies. Systemic constellations are a modality that "offers a way of mapping a present reality, working at the source of the hidden dynamics, and moving to a resolution."

In Luminary, we use systemic constellations regularly as a tool to step out of the trends, our programming, and our 'all-knowing' minds that shape our perceptions. We create space to observe and sense; we constellate wellness scenarios to reveal the hidden dynamics behind trends, behind needs such as mental well-being, better sleep, and more, to allow us to see beyond our physical knowing - what is the often-hidden driving force shaping this trend? If we can’t change a collective system, how do we create shifts within it through our offerings to support well-being?

When asked about the latest wellness trends, my feedback is that today's trend is potentially already irrelevant in our modern society, which is moving and changing at a rapid pace. Trends are shaped by our human-ness today. What do you yearn for today to live life more fully? That is our future trend.


Wellness Reads

I recommend two thought-provoking wellness reads. Although we may not fully agree on all the content, it is good to challenge the mind and take in the insights that resonate with you. American Detox by Kerri Kelly

"The myth of wellness is a lie. And until we learn to confront and dismantle its toxic systems, we can’t ever be well. Better, stronger, healthier, whole--the wellness industry promises us that with enough intention, investment, and positive thinking, we’ll unlock our best selves and find meaning and purpose in a chaotic and confusing world. The problem? It’s a lie." Gospel of Wellness by Rina Raphael

"The Gospel of Wellness reveals how this obsession is a direct result of women feeling dismissed, mistreated, and overburdened. Women are told they can manage the chaos ruling their life by following a laid-out plan: eat right, exercise, meditate, then buy or do all this stuff. And while wellness may have sprung from good intentions, we are now relentlessly flooded with exploitative offerings, questionable ideas, and a mounting pressure to stay devoted to the divine doctrine of wellness. What happens when the cure becomes as bad as the disease?"

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